GDPR Privacy Policy 25th May 2018


I collect your personal information including name, address and contact number & emergency contact and I note any contra indications (medical reasons/conditions) that may prevent the treatment from being safely carried out, or could potentially lead to further complications or concerns.


How will the information you have provide be used:


The information you give enables me to carry out a treatment that is safe and tailored to you, either in your home or at my treatment room.


I have your contact details should I need to discuss your appointment time or return any calls from you.


The medical information given is used purely for us to discuss the best and most suitable treatment for you including any allergies and oil preferences. Any information provided is never passed to third parties. None of your information will be used for marketing. None of your information is processed or seen by anyone except myself.


I occasionally use images for advertising, I will ask your permission prior to taking the picture & before posting any pictures online. You can refuse at anytime and if you wish for your picture to be removed please contact me and it will be removed.


Contact numbers provided are sometimes stored on my mobile which is password protected.


All consultation forms are kept securely in a locked cabinet, which cannot be accessed by anyone other than myself. The information is stored for 10 years after the treatment date and 21 years if you have received a treatment from me during pregnancy, for insurance purposes. Once this time has passed your information will be destroyed.

Any message received on social media or text is deleted once the information has been transferred to your consultation form.


Access to your information.


You have the right to see any information that I hold for you. If you would like a copy of the information please contact me. If information needs updating due to change in health, address etc, please contact me.


Many thanks for your co-operation.